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Researcher Information

Li Mao, MD
Professor and Chair

Oncology and Diagnostic Sciences

UMGCC Research Program:
Experimental Therapeutics Program

Medical Degree: Nanjing Medical University
Residency: The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University
Fellowship: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Contact Information:

Mailing Address: 650 W Baltimore St, Room 7259
Baltimore, MD 21201
Email: LMao@umaryland.edu
Phone: 410-706-4339
Fax: 410-606-6115

Research Interests:
My primary research interest is to identify and elucidate molecular alterations and their roles in the multi-step process of upper aerodigestive tract malignancies, especially head and neck cancer and lung cancer. We are actively exploring the possibility to use molecular markers in cancer early detection, risk assessment, and personalized treatment. My laboratory also has active research programs in the area of targeted experimental therapeutics and mechanistic understanding of epigenetic regulation in tumorgenesiscancer and precancer.

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