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Genitourinary Cancer Archive Questions

Below are Dr. Kramer’s answers to Genitourinary Cancer questions
received through the Ask the Expert feature.

This content is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended
to be a substitute for individual medical advice in diagnosing or treating a
health problem. Please consult with your physician about your specific health
care concerns.

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Q : 1

If I had to have one of my testicles removed, can I still have children?

Yes, one testicle is sufficient to make enough sperm to father children.

Q : 2

I was diagnosed with Ta bladder cancer (transitional cell). Typical treatment is TUR with fumigation. Studies have shown 50-80 percent tumors return after this procedure. My current doctor agrees with that statistic. However, I would rather have bladder removal if this would reduce the risk of recurrence. What do you think?

I think for superficial disease, rarely would someone advocate bladder removal. Even though that type of tumor is recurrent, it's never lethal. Given that, I'd keep the bladder in and deal with the recurrences.

Q : 3

I am 45 and was recently diagnosed with CIS. I was initially diagnosed and treated at age 32 with papillary tumors but when I had a follow up cystoscopy, the biopsies revealed CIS. Could I be a candidate for photochemotherapy? I have stage 0 CIS and my urologist wants to try BCG.

We don't do photochemotherapy at the University of Maryland Medical Center. However, I would certainly follow bladder sparing protocols.

Q : 4

I've been diagnosed with bladder cancer and I am unclear on the staging. I was told that I have type, 1 high grade and have only been given information about having my bladder removed. Are there no bladder preservation options at this stage? What about radiation, chemo or other alternatives to surgery?

You may not need to have your bladder removed for stage 1, high grade bladder cancer. There are several options you have when your cancer is in this stage and I would be happy to get you on a bladder preservation pathway. Call Debbie at 410.328.6087 to make an appointment with me, if you're interested, and we can discuss your treatment options in person.

Q : 5

After having a bilateral orchiectomy I am having trouble getting an erection. Can just taking Viagra help? Are the pumps effective for someone who has had this procedure?

Viagra can be a very effective drug and may be of help to you. The penile implants (pumps) may also be effective, but you should discuss both of these options with your Urologist.


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