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Plastic Surgery Archive Questions

Below are Dr. Silverman’s answers to Plastic Surgery questions
received through the Ask the Expert feature.

This content is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended
to be a substitute for individual medical advice in diagnosing or treating a
health problem. Please consult with your physician about your specific health
care concerns.

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Q : 1

I am delivering my baby via C-section. Would it be advisable to have a tummy tuck immediately?

Generally, I do not recommend a tummy tuck at the same time as C-section. At the time of the C-section, women are often very swollen, and under the influence of high hormone levels. I also think the risk of infection is higher. I would wait about six months afterwards before considering a tummy tuck.

Q : 2

Do you use mesh in hernia repair for patients who are overweight? My surgeon said I will need the mesh to keep it from coming back because of my weight. I read that it's dangerous, is that true? What does abdominal wall repair involve?

Mesh definitely lowers the rate of hernias coming back after surgery, but certain types of mesh can have potential complications. There are many ways to repair the abdominal wall including synthetic mesh, biologic mesh, and advancement of the abdominal muscles.

Q : 3

What is the age requirement for a breast augmentation?

Generally 18, unless there is an extenuating circumstance.

Q : 4

I'm 33 and I am developing crow's feet. Not sure if Botox is the answer or is there something better on the market?

In my experience, Botox works really well for crow's feet. There is nothing better right now. You just have to make sure that you go to someone who knows how to do it and does not overdo it.

Q : 5

Does UMMC do reconstructive surgery for burn survivors?

Yes, absolutely. Please call (410) 328-2360 to set up an office visit.

Q : 6

I am having surgery for endometriosis, but I want to have a tummy tuck shortly after. What is an appropriate amount of time to wait between the procedures?

I would recommend waiting at least 3 months if you want to do the procedures separately. Some patients do combine certain GYN procedures with a tummy tuck, depending on the circumstances.

Q : 7

Can I get plastic surgery to remove dark blemishes on my skin?

Certain types of topical medications as well as certain types of laser therapy do help fade dark blemishes.

Q : 8

What are the possible side effects of wrinkle laser surgery?

Side effects include pigment abnormalities and burns which leave scars. The scars are rare, but the pigment irregularities are a little more common.

Q : 9

I had lipomas removed by a general surgeon two years ago. Now they're growing back and they are large again. I've heard a plastic surgeon can take care of these. How would your treatment differ from that of a general surgeon?

The idea for lipomas is to make an incision over top of the lipoma, as small as possible, and remove the entire lipoma. All surgeons, general or plastic, should do the same thing. Plastic surgeons, because of their training tend to focus on the appearance of the incision and making a smaller scar, but that is not necessarily the case. It depends on the individual surgeon.

Q : 10

I need to have a tubal ligation and would like to have a tummy tuck performed during the same surgery. Have you or anyone in your practice ever performed these surgeries simultaneously? Would you consider doing this?

Yes, I have combined abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with gynecologic surgeries and would be happy to see you and discuss the options. Please call 410-328-2360 to set up a visit.

Q : 11

I had a perfect complexion until my last pregnancy. Since then, I have had acne breakouts and hyperpigmention on my face. I am 42 years old, do you have any suggestions?

Hyperpigmentation can be improved with topical medication. Have you tried hydroquinone? I suggest that you see a dermatologist if you are still having acne.

Q : 12

I am a 32-year-old woman who recently got a couple of dark spots on my face. I have fair skin and got three candela laser sessions, but I do not see much improvement. What do you recommend?

Hydroquinone 4 percent applied twice per day along with a strong sunscreen may help. It takes about 2 weeks before a change can be seen with this.

Q : 13

How much will it cost to have a tummy tuck performed by a resident? I went to consultation and it was well over nine thousand.

I can tell you it is much less than that, but for an exact quote, please call 410-328-2360.

Q : 14

Have you performed face-lift surgery on someone for chronic headaches?

I would recommend trying Botox first and if that helps, then proceed with a brow-lift (not a face-lift).

Q : 15

Can breast tissue from a related/compatible donor be put into a recipient as a way to augment breasts without using gel/saline implants?

Unfortunately, this is not an option for breast augmentation.

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