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Aortic Valve Surgery Archive Questions

Below are Dr. James Gammie’s answers to Aortic Valve Surgery questions
received through the Ask the Expert feature.

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Q : 1

How do you decide between open heart versus minimally invasive for an aortic valve replacement?

It is determined by patient condition, coexisting medical conditions, and risk of surgery. Jo Ann Sikora, CRNP Nurse Practitioner with Dr. Gammie Cardiac Surgery, University of Maryland

Q : 2

My father has had a bovine aortic valve for about 10 years. He has just recently been diagnosed with aortic stenosis again. What are his options and what do you recommend he do? He is 74 years old.

A reoperation is certainly a possibility. Your father's cardiologist will know best regarding his medical history and if he is a candidate. I would start there. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation here at UMMS, please contact our office 410-328-5842. Jo Ann Sikora, CRNP Aortic Valve Program Coordinator Nurse Practitioner, Cardiac Surgery

Q : 3

Do you do the port access approach for aortic valve replacement?

We perform both the transfemoral and transpical aortic valve replacements here at UMMC. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for consultation, please contact our office 410-328-5842 Jo Ann Sikora, CRNP Aortic Valve Program Coordinator Nurse Practitioner, Cardiac Surgery


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