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Weight Management Archive Questions

Below are Tara Kelly’s answers to Weight Management questions
received through the Ask the Expert feature.

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care concerns.

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Q : 1

Is it possible to have weight loss surgery more than once? I had surgery three years ago and then suffered an ankle injury that left me unable to exercise. I have been exercising again for four months now and have had no weight loss.

Revision of weight loss surgery can be an option if there is an anatomic reason (such as your pouch is large or the connection between your stomach and intestine is stretched). However, as you have found out, losing weight after the first year is very difficult. There is a "golden year" after weight loss surgery where your body changes the weight setpoint, but this occurs with high protein diet and exercise. Unfortunately, after the first year or so after surgery, it becomes just as difficult to lose weight as it was before surgery.

Q : 2

I was thinking of getting the gastric sleeve but I am terrified. I weigh 260 lbs and I'm 58 years old. I have so many concerns. Can you tell me more about gastric sleeve?

The gastric sleeve is a restrictive procedure (meaning you eat less food and feel satisfied) that also changes the hunger hormones excreted by the stomach so many people feel less hunger the first year after surgery. There is surgery on the intestines, so there is less risk of vitamin and mineral deficiency. At our center we expect patients to loose about 60-70% of their extra weight by two years after surgery. I would recommend you start first by asking your insurance company if they cover the sleeve because some insurance companies do not. If you want to do more research about patient experiences after the sleeve, is a GREAT resource. Best wishes, Tara Kelly, CRNP

Q : 3

With the vertical sleeve gastronomy, the wound mends together where the staples line is. I know the staples stay forever, but how about the inside? Does it heal and mends over a months or longer?

Yes, the stomach heals together where the staples are. This ususally takes about 6 weeks to completely heal after surgery.

Q : 4

I am having problems with hair loss and fragile hair. I am 8 1/2 mos. out from my gastric sleeve surgery. Do I need to try to increase protein still or is it from the weight loss process? My hair is really bad.

Hair loss is usually temporary and starts to taper off right about now. If you are getting all your protein, it is likely you should notice your hair starting to thicken back up over the next few months. You can also start taking a Biotin supplement (over the counter) which may help improve things.


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