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Breast Reconstruction (DIEP Flap) Archive Questions

Below are Dr. Devinder Singh’s answers to Breast Reconstruction (DIEP Flap) questions
received through the Ask the Expert feature.

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Q : 1

My wife had the DIEP flap reconstruction a few weeks ago. She has a couple of holes where there is oozing and there is an odor from the wounds. They are packing the area, but it seems like it is taking a long time to heal. Is this normal?

If the flaps have been removed (debrided) and there are open wounds where radiation also was delivered, it can take a while to heal.

Q : 2

Would you perform the removal of perforator flaps on a patient who is a smoker?

Yes, I do perform free flap surgery, including perforator flap, on smokers. There is a higher risk of wound issues in the donor site, but the flap itself should be fine.

Q : 3

I am a breast cancer survivor. After having six reconstruction surgeries, I have been left with no tissue on the side where I had the mastectomy. I am down to my breast bone and have a lot of scar tissue. Could this procedure be an option for me?

Yes, I think a DIEP flap is a great option for you, if you have enough tissue to donate. If you'd like to be evaluated at our center, please call my office at 410-328-2360.


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