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Acupuncture for Cancer Archive Questions

Below are Dr. Bao’s answers to Acupuncture for Cancer questions
received through the Ask the Expert feature.

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to be a substitute for individual medical advice in diagnosing or treating a
health problem. Please consult with your physician about your specific health
care concerns.

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Q : 1

My wife has GBM cancer. She has had three surgeries and her left side is nonfunctional. Could acupuncture help her regain some control on her left side? Or help her improve the use of her right side?

Acupuncture has been studied in nine clinical trials in helping stroke patients to recover their function. Six out of the nine trials showed that acupuncture was able to help.

Q : 2

I would like some information on using acupuncture to treat radiation proctitis. My mother is suffering from severe bleeding and burns due to brachytherapy treatments she underwent this past summer.

There has been only one case series on using acupuncture to treat radiation induced proctitis, which was published in 1987 in Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and reported a good response from acupuncture treatment. You may find this book to be informative: Supportive Cancer Care with Chinese Medicine By William C. S. Cho. The following NCI website may also be helpful:


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